37 Suggestions for a Simple Dinner Recipe

After a long day of work, all you need is a simple dinner recipe for a quick and tasty dinner without draining the rest of your energy. After all, you’ve been working all day; you deserve to relax a little, maybe even skip the best food for dinner and go for yummy quick recipes and eat while watching TV. Even though you’re craving pasta and there certainly are a lot of healthy pasta recipes, you’ll find yourself ignoring the healthy part and searching for easy pasta recipes. We totally understand you. We’re allowed to let healthy breakfast recipes and salads for lunch remain on our menu and just go with fast dinner meals to save time and enjoy easy snack recipes instead of long recipes that end up taking our time away from our family, hobbies and relaxing times.

If you need to feed a whole family, there are good dinner ideas for 4 and some of best family recipes among our suggestions that won’t take too long from cooking until serving, but if it’s just the two of you, it gets even easier with simple dinner recipes for two. We gathered some of the best easy meals for you to pick from for those quick meals during the week. Save long dinners for the weekend! There are a few very easy dinner recipes among these that are just perfect for college students or single people living alone, but our advice is to keep the balance between recipes for a quick dinner and recipes for treating yourself. You also need to feel pampered!

Either if you’re going for simple meal ideas for dinner or just snacks recipes there’s something for you on this list, so go ahead and prepare yourself to get hungry because here are some yummy easy meal suggestions disguised as simple meal ideas dinner adequate or supper meal ideas. They’re actually super! So with no further ado here are 37 ideas for dinner recipes that you will want to try! 


Chicken with Rice in One Pot

We gathered some of the best ways to make a simple dinner recipe for those quick meals during the week! There’s so much more at bitehaven.com


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