35 Xmas Cookie Ideas to Innovate this Holiday Season

Xmas cookie ideas are never enough. Every year people come up with new and creative ways to give a whirl on those typical cookies you bake every year, and that’s just perfect! Everyone wants to be that person who brings the very best holiday cookies to the company’s Xmas party! We found some great holiday cookies to help you out! From a different take on the classical gingerbread house to cute Christmas tree cookies, you’ll have plenty to choose from.

We thought of putting up a top 10 Christmas cookie recipes, but why stop there? We loved so many of the holiday cookie ideas we found that we just had to share them with you! With your kids home for Christmas vacation, you can even gather easy Christmas cookie recipes for kids and have them busy helping you out preparing the best Christmas party ever! We found amazing recipes for colorful, cute and tasty cookies with pictures so you can try them at home! There is at least one you will want to try, but why not going for two or three of these and wow your guests? Sure, you could go for the classic gingerbread man, and we did not leave them out, but what about cute little cups, tiny houses or Christmas trees?  Well, we’ve got those Christmas holiday cookies and much more!

These 35 Xmas cookie ideas would even make fantastic gifts for your neighbors or work perfectly as a party favor! Among our Chrismas cookies selection you will find recipes for the classical ones, of course, but as we like to innovate and invite you to be creative, we gathered other kinds of cookies that you will love to bake and eat. Colorful cookies aren’t just for kids, grownups love their own cute cookies too, so why not bake some of these to share with your friends?  Take a look at these yummy pictures and check the recipes out, we’ve got Xmas cookie ideas for everyone! Merry Cookie Christmas!


Mini Gingerbread Houses

Take a look at these yummy pictures and check the recipes out, we’ve got Xmas cookie ideas for everyone! Check more at bitehaven.com


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